Collection composed by stacking dining armchair, stacking lounge armchair , lounge settee, lounger, poufs, bench , dining tables and side tables in iroko.
Cushions with removable covers with piping and water-repellent foam. Tables and coffee tables in iroko with top in slatted solid wood.
Seat cushions can be supplied without piping, upon request.
Collection in oil treated iroko. Oil treated iroko, after exposure to sun and to bad weather, changes color and needs new oiling. Frequency of oil treatment depends on the weather conditions to which the product is subjected. The exposure to bad weather does not affect the product’s stability but can however cause cracks in the wood. We therefore recommend a proper protection and an adequate covering of the tables.

Technical details

Stacking dining armchair 02

Misure Stacking dining armchair 02 / Capri

Stacking lounge armchair 04

Misure Stacking lounge armchair 04 / Capri

Lounge twoseater sofa 25

Misure Lounge twoseater sofa 25 / Capri

Lounge threeseater sofa 35

Misure Lounge threeseater sofa 35 / Capri

Daybed 49

Misure Daybed 49 / Capri

Pouf 119

Misure Pouf 119 / Capri

Bench 129

Misure Bench 129 / Capri

Stacking Side Table T01

low tables
Misure Stacking Side Table T01 / Capri

Dining Table T05

Misure Dining Table T05 / Capri

Dining Table T07

Misure Dining Table T07 / Capri

Side table 19

low tables
Misure Side table 19 / Capri

Bench 29

Misure Bench 29 / Capri