The structure of the chair, which is simplified by reducing its constituent components, ensures robustness as the thickness of the wood sections can be adjusted appropriately. The result is a club chair family that is straightforward but at the same time able to provide optimal comfort thanks to a padded seat cushion with an internal strap and padding. The ash legs of the frame create a soft and cosy-looking backrest that is aesthetically transformed by the nature of its upholstery. The backrest is available in two versions: a more classical one, with upholstered padding, and a less conventional option, created by the ropes in the frame, for indoor use only. Different souls, but at the same time clearly traceable to the same design origin.

Technical details

Lounge Armchair 04

Misure Lounge Armchair 04/C / Sisters

Poltrona Lounge 04

Misure Poltrona Lounge 04/ Sisters