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Very Wood, a leading company in the contract sector, offers sophisticated collections combining functional design with a passion for wood and craftsmanship, attention to detail and using the highest quality materials, designed for various areas, from the cruise ship market to hotels and restaurants as well as seniors and healthcare.

For years, the company has worked alongside countless internationally renowned designers, each defined by their own unique voice, a mark of authenticity, which Very Wood carefully directs. Thus, a language of colours, shapes and aesthetic expressions comes to life, capable of clearly conveying what hospitality really means.

Fruit of a collaboration with the architect and interior designer, Patricia Urquiola, the Zant family of chairs demonstrates once again the high degree of craftsmanship and attention to detail that characterise Very Wood: by using steam, the two ash armrests are bent to create constant radii of curvature, thus ensuring a winding, harmonious visual element. The dining armchair, lounge armchair and chair are available with upholstered backs and seats in fabric, vinyl or leather.

The Zantilam collection was also created in collaboration with Patricia Urquiola, with its hallmark curved ash structure.

It is a family of products defined by a modern touch and an elegant silhouette, ideal for a wide variety of settings: a contemporary reinterpretation of 50s chairs.

This time the ash structure is combined with defining elements and materials of Very Wood’s long-established craftsmanship: the upholstered seat and backrest version is joined by a variant with backrests and armrests woven with natural-coloured cord or nautical rope, creating an attractive texture that enhances each and every product. The collection consists of chairs, dining armchairs, lounge armchairs and chairs.


Thanks to the two collections’ distinguishing versatility and adaptability, Zant and Zantilam chairs have been selected on several occasions to furnish interiors of prestigious restaurants across the globe.



Recently inaugurated, the interior design and artistic direction of Hotel Ca’ di Dio in Venice was overseen by Patricia Urquiola. It is a project that aims to unite the city of Venice’s two defining spirits, refinement and rigour, in the name of a rediscovered beauty and a new concept of hospitality. A historic building dating back to 1200 which was originally a refuge for pilgrims and women in need, today has become a structure with a strong personality that pays homage to Venice and its past through materials and colours that invoke the charm of a city that lives on water.

Overlooking the waterfront with enchanting views of the Venetian lagoon and the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, and offering sophisticated dishes made with local ingredients and products from the internal vegetable garden, Vero is one of two gourmet restaurants that has also been created within the structure and is furnished with chairs from the Zant collection which, with their refined elegance, fit perfectly into the space.



Another Patricia Urquiola project: the interiors of the Marienturm, an imposing office complex in the heart of Frankfurt‘s financial district. The interior design, influenced by the nearby Taunusanlage Park, aims to become a meeting place for nature and the world of work.

Wood, stone, marble, metal and a selection of chalky, subtle colours characterise the communal areas and the Chez Marie restaurant-café. A large, bright space located on the ground floor that sees the Zant and Zantilam collection chairs as key features. Keeping in line with the project’s concept, they combine traditional natural materials, ash wood, with industrialised production that still maintains a handcrafted and refined taste. 



Patricia Urquiola also designed the Sereno Hotel, a luxury and elegant project on the eastern shore of Lake Como. A place where the location’s natural beauty blends with the sophistication of the hotel’s interior in a unique design with panoramic views from every corner of the hotel. The designer reinterprets the rationalism of Giuseppe Terragni’s Casa del Fascio, a well-known architectural work from Como, with contemporary notes by using natural and local materials such as Pietra di Fossena marble and Il Ceppo Lombardo stone. The hotel also brings guests the experience of the best of local cuisine in the Michelin-starred restaurant Berton Al Lago: a space that serves a selection of high-class dishes alongside breathtaking scenery. This is where the Zantilam collection seats are placed: the dining chairs’ refinement fits seamlessly into such exclusivity, upholding its concept and aesthetics.



A multifunctional space, Il Fiorista in New York offers a wide variety of functions: from restaurant and bar, to boutique, florist, and space for hosting workshops or training courses, it is arranged to meet highly diverse needs. The project, led by Brooklyn-based architect Elizabeth Roberts with Patricia Urquiola’s interior design, including custom pieces, was commissioned by its two Italian owners who wanted to create a space where the benefits of flowers and their uses could be celebrated. Buyable in their natural state, or in syrups, salts and sugars, consumable through a well thought out cuisine designed to exalt their beneficial properties on seasonal and Mediterranean menus, or admired in artistic decorations and murals inspired by futuristic art, flowers are the soul of “Il Fiorista”. This setting also sees Zantilam chairs blend in with their surroundings: the naturalness of the wooden structure meets that of the neutral-coloured nautical rope.