Age-friendly design


wise plus

An age-friendly collection of upholstered seating: a sophisticated and sensitive design that attempts to interpret the needs of a generation of people living with a greater need for good ergonomics and comfort.

Ergonomic armrest offering a secure and comfortable grip thanks to its being longer than the chair leg. 

Collection: Chelsea, Loden, Lord, Maiyda, Urban.

The armrest provides a wider and more comfortable support.

Collection: Chelsea, Loden, Lord, Maiyda, Urban.

Upholstered armrests to make them more comfortable.

Collection: Bellevue, Camden, Heritage, Loden, Onda.

The backrest wooden support is specially shaped as a handle, making it easy to move the chairs and armchairs around.

Collection: Chelsea.

Both seat pad and backrest have extra upholstery to ensure greater comfort. 

Collection: Bellevue, Camden, Carmen, Chelsea, Heritage, Loden, Lord, Maiyda, Onda, Rond.

The seat upholstery is detached from the backrest to ensure that the seat is easy to clean.

Collection: Camden, Capri, Chelsea, Wiener.

The loose and removable seat cushion enables an easy cleaning.

Collection: Bellevue, Carmen, Onda.

The cushion sits on elastic webbing, to ensure greater comfort.

Collection: Bellevue, Carmen, Onda, Rond, Wiener.

Comfortable lateral headrest to ensure a quality rest and relax.

Collection: Bellevue, Heritage, Onda.

The front part of the seat is rounded to make sitting more comfortable even for long use.

Collection: Bellevue, Camden, Carmen, Heritage, Loden, Lord, Rond.

Available both in Lounge and Dining seat height, in order to facilitate the standing up.

Collection: Bellevue, Lord, Onda, Rond.

The absence of the rail allows the approach of chairs with armrests and/or wheelchairs.

Collection: Simple.

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