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The new Very Wood catalogue invites you to start a journey inside the company's renewed proposal, a collection of classic forms linked to the "Made in Italy" tradition reinterpreted in a contemporary key, to furnish environments that meet the international standards linked to the Contract world.

Bright and detailed shots immortalise the multiform Very Wood universe in atmospheres with a distinct character, different architectural environments and large spaces in which the product is the protagonist. This new language emphasises the extreme adaptability and spontaneity with which the collections manage to fit into the most diverse contexts, without limiting or directing the architect or designer in the insertion of the collection in a given environment or style. A useful and emotional tool that underlines how VeryWood is synonymous with a design archipelago within which each designer metaphorically represents an island, a world of reference, a vocabulary of shapes and colours that eclectically express today's concepts of welcome, hospitality and sociality.

In fact, the new Very Wood catalogue expands the collection of collections and styles created by the company together with the skilful hands of planners and designers who have interpreted the most diverse stylistic and architectural languages with versatility, maintaining consistency with the brand's conceptual DNA, in a single word: Contract.


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