Very Wood’s new products head to Europe with the Very Wood Design Tour

For the second year running, Very Wood presents the Very Wood Design Tour, an alternative and exclusive way of presenting the brand’s new products. An 8-week tour enabling Very Wood to come face to face with its community by visiting architecture studios in major European cities with a creative, but always effective and professional, approach. The Very Wood Van will be fitted with a top-quality exhibition space, allowing interior designers and furniture industry operators to interact with and discover first-hand the brand’s new products and icons.

The goal is not simply to offer new products every year, it is also to establish direct contacts and relationships with industry professionals. This allows exciting collaborations and ongoing exchanges of opinions and searches for customised solutions to easily arise. The new collections of Patricia Urquiola, Rodolfo Dordoni, This Weber and Philippe Nigro will be presented in Austria, Germany, Holland, Belgium and France.


EGADI – Rodolfo Dordoni

A collection of dining chairs whose main element is wood, the unique and living material that has always characterised Very Wood.  The project combines the need for a solid, durable structure with a light, well-proportioned seat: the upholstered parts seem to be suspended over the structure, in which the wood’s natural details are exalted. Three variants of dining chairs are available with three different types of backrests: a lighter cockpit-style solution and two with higher backrests both with and without armrests. A single idea generating three different shapes and three distinct models that is further expanded for the new lounge armchair, Egadi 04, with a soft, enveloping backrest that embraces the seat, and two chairs, Egadi 06 and 416, with and without backrests, which recapture the Ideal of the light seat that seems to float on its structure.


ZANT – Patricia Urquiola

Fruit of a collaboration with the architect and interior designer Patricia Urquiola, the one-of-a-kind Zant family of chairs, demonstrates once again the high degree of craftsmanship and attention to detail that characterise Very Wood. By using steam, the two ash armrests are bent to create constant radii of curvature, thus ensuring a winding, harmonious visual element.

The dining armchair, lounge armchair and chair are available with upholstered backs and seats in fabric, vinyl or leather.


CIGAR – Patricia Urquiola

This table represents the social space par excellence, and it’s precisely the conviviality ideal that Patricia Urquiola designed the Cigar collection around. Conceived and designed for all forms of hospitality, Cigar 01 is ideal for any environment, whether indoors or outdoors. The round top is joined to the smaller base by a single central column, whose shape ironically evokes a cigar, from which it takes its name. A product with clean, minimalist shapes which finds its strength in the elegance of simple, versatile forms.


HERITAGE – This Weber

With the Heritage collection, designed by This Weber, Very Wood proves its propensity for creating high-quality, extremely comfortable products designed for all types of contract projects, from hospitality and restaurants to rehab residences. Made of ash wood with an upholstered seat and back, the Lounge Heritage 04 armchair will feature at all the tour’s stops. Adaptable to classic, modern and contemporary spaces depending on the upholstery selected, it features feet embellished with satin-finish brass-coloured metal spikes and a wide backrest that wraps around the seat, encircling it as if in an embrace. A product conceived and designed in the name of visual and tactile softness, creating a space in which to abandon oneself to protected relaxation.


ELEGANCE – This Weber

This Weber also designed the Elegance collection for Very Wood, which takes its name from the characteristic elegance of simple, essential forms. Elegance 01 is a dining chair with an ash frame and upholstered back and seat. Available with in fabric, vinyl or leather upholstery, it is a versatile product that, despite its simplicity, retains a strong personality through its solid wood structure enhanced by a focus on the wood’s natural details. Elegance 01 meets the most diverse needs, finding its ideal positioning in environments of all styles.


CHELSEA – This Weber

A distinctive element of products designed by This Weber, wood also makes a strong comeback in the Chelsea collection of chairs with ash frames and upholstered seats and backs. In the CHELSEA 04 lounge armchair, the firmness of the solid wood frame and armrests is combined with the softness of its upholstery, in an evident visual contrast that truly underlines its excellent balance and attention to detail. A versatile product that is ideal for the contract world for furnishing lounges, restaurants and even relaxation areas in bedrooms.


BELLEVUE – This Weber

Another collection designed by This Weber, Bellevue combines simplicity and sophistication to create an aesthetic that enables the collection’s products to fit into any setting, enhanced by the beech wood grain that demonstrates Very Wood’s woodworking craftsmanship. The Lounge armchair, Bellevue XL, is presented for the first time: its beechwood legs are fitted inside the upholstered seat with a wide wraparound back, creating an illusion of a seamless symbiosis between different materials.


ECLIPSE – Philippe Nigro

The Eclipse collection designed by Philippe Nigro is composed of sophisticated seating for hospitality settings that can provide versatile solutions for office spaces as well. Woodworking details inspired by French decorators are at the heart of this evocative design, making the seat a privileged place of observation. The structure of the Eclipse 06 chair is developed along its height and is visible on two levels: the first supports the seat while the second holds the backrest. The seat is slightly removed from the main structural ring so as to create an effect of overhang as if the seat were in balance, leaving space for a void that conveys lightness, allowing the woodworking details to be better revealed.